Spring is here and everyone knows what that means...spring cleaning. I personally love when the weather changes and I get to go bring out all my spring and summer clothes.

When I was cleaning out my wardrobe, I came across a pair of grey suade high heels that I have been meaning to do something with. They were compeletly wrecked from the combination of wearing them in the winter rain, spilt drinks and dirty bar floors. I tried many things to get the stains out, but still couldn't get rid of the dark marks, so I decided I would perform a little DIY loving care.

What you need to re-do a pair of heels:
Spray paint (I used Krylon - Black satin)
Tape (Painters tape or masking tape)
Mod  Podge
Sponge brush

First step is to tape the bottom & inside of the shoes. 
I also put paper towel inside the shoe just to make sure no black paint will get onto the sole of the shoe. 
After the shoes are taped its time to spray the shoes. Set aside and let them dry. Once they are dry its time for another coat. I ended up doing three coats but if you are happy after one or two coats that's fine as well. When your last coat is drying, get a small bowl and mix together the mod podge and glitter.

Re-tape your shoes but this time around the outside of the heel and the bottom to make sure that the glitter mod podge doesn't get on the newly sprayed shoe. Use your sponge brush and paint the glitter onto the bottom of the shoe and onto the heel. Let dry, remove the tape and enjoy your sparkly re-vamped shoes :)




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