Losing our way in Venezia

Ciao bellas! Our first day in Venice was spent completely ignoring our map and getting as lost as we possibly could.. It turned out to be much easier than we thought and even if we looked at the map it wouldn't have helped us much. The streets were so narrow and windy and it all began to look very similar. I loved the feeling of not knowing what would be around the next corner. If you ventured out of the main square that was filled with tourists taking photos of each other on their iPads (really?), you could see how real Venetians lived. Despite what we had been told about the entire island being overrun with tourists, it was actually quite peaceful just to roam around around the alleys and canals aimlessly. So far, this is my favorite city!

Next stop: The land of Romeo and Juliet.. Verona! Stay tuned :)



A friend is only a memory away..

Backpacking through Europe has opened my eyes to an array of new cultures and ways of life. But it has also made me miss my best friend. Here are a few special moments that we've shared over the past few years. We've been best friends for 15 wonderful, crazy years. Here's to another 15.. Love ya, sister! 

P.S. I'm home in 13 days! Stay tuned for MANY more travel posts xx

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