The Original Instagram: Film Photography

FILM. There is something purely nostalgic and magical about holding a photograph in your hand. Photographs fell into oblivion when digital cameras came into the picture. It's inexplicably satisfying to hold a tangible image between your fingers. You can flip it over, turn it upside down, hang it on the wall, write on it, rip it up into a million pieces, sleep with it under your pillow...


DIY Leather Skirt

It seems as though every fashion blogger has that perfect leather skirt that they can dress up or dress down and it always looks amazing. But if you're a student like me and on a student sized budget, going out and dropping a few hundred dollars on a leather skirt just isn't feasible. So! What do you do when you can't afford something? You make your own lovely, much cheaper version! My skirt is by no means perfect but it only took me less than an hour to make. I like how to edges are unhemmed and a bit rough.
Read on for the tutorial!
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