Sequin Shorts

Has everyone else been seeing all these photos for sequin shorts? 
I am a pinterest fanatic (keep a eye out soon for Island Secrets pinterest link!) and keep coming across so many pins with these gorgeous shorts in them! 

Which ones are your favorite? Stay tuned for my very own DIY Sequin shorts tutorial! 

- S

PS. Who else is jealous of Carly?
Looks like she is having so much fun! 
We all miss you Car <3

*all photo credit from pinterest* 


Dubrovnik, Day Two.

Our second day in Dubrovnik was all about the beaches! After a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit juice and croissants, we left our B&B early in search of white sand and turquoise water. 
Just outside of The Old Town walls, we came across the most breathtaking beach. I guess there are benefits to waking up early because we had the entire beach to ourselves!

We spent one more day in Dubrovnik then continued on up the Croatian coastline. Stay tuned for more photos :)



First Day In Dubrovnik

My first day in Dubrovnik was purely magical! Walking around The Old Town that was built over 1000 years ago was like being dropped in the middle of a fairy tale. I spent my day getting lost in the narrow alley ways and eventually came to a beautiful bar that was on a cliff right over the beach. I can't imagine a much nicer place than Dubrovnik. Venice, Nice.. you have big shoes to fill!

We are spending a few more days in Dubrovnik then heading further up the Croatian coastline. I will have lots of photos!



Bright Girls Night

Girls night!
I know all you girls out there have the same nights - friends, drinks & laughter.
Last night a bunch of us girls got together for a nice dinner out on the patio, and a few drinks before we headed down town for the night. I decided to wear this skirt and shirt that I bought a few weeks ago and still had not gotten around to wearing. I decided to go all out on this summers trend of neon and bright colours added my bright blue wedges (one of my favourite items that I own) to the outfit. 

Today I had the aftermath of a girls night and spent the day reading magazines, painting my nails and laying in the sun.
Did anyone else have a night on the town this weekend?




Greetings from England!

After three buses, four trains, one flight and a sudden emergency landing in Keflavik, Iceland.. We finally arrived in The UK! We landed in London and avoided the Olympic madness by heading straight up to Colchester to stay with Richard's grandparents for a few days. We'll be visiting London and more of Britain at the end of our trip. While in Colchester, we did a day trip to Orford and Lavenham where we saw a castle built in 1173 and many Tudor houses from the 1500's. 

Here are a few photos from our (never-ending) journey from Victoria to London:

A tiny iceberg off the coast of Iceland

Keflavik, Iceland.. population 8 169

Well, it's 10pm in Britain and I have to be up at 2am to catch an early flight to Dubrovnik. After a lovely week filled with visiting castles and sipping tea, I'm looking forward to the 35 degree weather in Croatia and laying on the beach!

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