Jean & Leather

I love everything about the west coast weather, including the rain. 
Yes, sometimes it can be annoying, especially on days like this 
when you do your hair nicely and step outside... and in a matter of 
minutes its a frizzy, wet mess. 
But once you are outside the fresh air and green forest that covers 
the island are worth having a little bit of wet hair for.
(just remember to always pack your umbrella!)




Plaid in Autumn

It's days like today that I feel so lucky to live in Victoria. With the majority of Canada facing snow and temperatures below freezing, Vancouver Island is still a little tropical oasis with temperatures up around 13 degrees. Since returning from Europe, I haven't had the chance to do what I love doing most: sipping a soy latte on a Sunday morning while wandering through Victoria's local boutiques... Who needs H&M, XXI or Zara? Not Victoria!
I accomplished two monumental things today: First, I wore my leather leggings for the first time in broad daylight. Second, I bought the Converse sneakers that I've wanted since I could walk.. 
It was a good day 

Plaid Shirt: Ralph Lauren (thrifted)
Leggings: H&M
Boots: Hunter
Bag: Michael Kors

Hopefully everyone had a lovely weekend and partook in some Hallowe'en festivities!
Are there any other Victoria fashion bloggers out there? We would love to network with you! :)


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Wedge Sneakers


After laying awake and listening to the rain all night, the morning greeted us with clear skies and birds singing. We went for a brisk walk while the yellow and orange leaves twirled to the ground around us. Hello Autumn 


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P.S. Who is your favorite 'unknown' fashion blogger? We are looking for some new, fresh fashion blogs to check out. Send any suggestions our way!

Little Red Dress ♥

Photographer: Tony Holtkamp

It's midterm week and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to stay focused. The thought of bundling up in an oversized knit sweater, sipping tea with honey and turning the pages of a classic novel is consuming. Autumn, why do you have this effect on me?!


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East Sooke Park

Photographer: Douglas Dryburgh

'The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness' - John Muir


Adore Me Giveaway

A play date in the woods is the perfect way to spend an autumn afternoon ♥
Recently we received some treats in the mail from Adore Me; lovely bra and undie sets!
We were so impressed with the quality and prints of the sets that we would like to buy one of you a set of your own. Check them out HERE and enter in the contest box below!!

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 P.S. We would like to congratulate Surbhi from The Fashion Flite on winning the lovely earrings from StyleGodis!


  Carly and Stacie


Autumn Shoot

I had the pleasure of shooting with the lovely and talented Ebony Aitken recently.
We went to an old church in downtown Victoria and took advantage of the gorgeous stone walls and the warm sunset light 

polka dot blouse:urban outfitters//jeans:citizens of humanity//wedge sneakers:primark//

Thanks Ebony! Check her blog out at http://ebonyaitken.blogspot.ca/


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