Studded DIY

I love studs! They're such a pretty way to turn any dull piece of clothing into something chic and modern in an instant. I adore the look of studded shoulders or studs around the neckline. I have tiny bags of studs around my house and even find myself studding my shirts while sitting in the car.. It is an obsession (and I just said the word 'stud' 5 times in 4 sentences.. eek). This DIY is very simple and can be applied to almost any article of clothing in your closet! Even some of my boyfriend's clothing that I wear is at risk of being studded. Something tells me he wouldn't appreciate that very much though ;)

What You Need:
-Plain Shirt - I picked up mine from Value Village

Cut off the neckline and sleeves, if you wish. Press studs wherever you like. It's that simple! I like the look of the studs being spaced out evenly over the shirt, but pressing them along the neckline would look very cute if you wore your hair up. Enjoy xx



I enjoyed a lovely walk this evening exploring the trails behind my house. The sunset was incredible!



  1. Hey Guys, I am from Toronto! How about you?

    I really like that DIY, I wish I had the motivation/time to do them! I find I can never finish the projects!

    I'm your first follower :)


  2. Hi Montana!
    We live in Victoria, BC.
    Thanks for all the comments we really enjoy them, especially since we are such a new blog!
    Having our first follower is so exciting for us!


    Carly and Stacie xx

  3. it turned out so well!!



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