Refurbished Nightstands & Moving

Hello, little gems! I have been M.I.A recently on the island secret and I want to apologize to everyone who supports us. I have been going through some big life changes these past few months and one of the newest changes is moving in with my good friend Kelsey.

With moving into a new apartment I decided I wanted some new, updated furniture but after looking at prices on-line and in stores, my bank account had other ideas. I turned to Used Victoria, a site where you can buy, sell and trade almost anything. While browsing through the 'free items' section I came across these beat up and outdated night stands and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to put my DIY thinking cap on.

I headed to Home Depot and chose a red mahogany stain and silver handles. After many hours of sanding and many coats of stain, the night-stands were complete! I need to send a big thank you to my dad for helping me with all the hard work. If he hadn't helped me out I would still be outside sanding and staining. We are both so happy at how they turned out and even talked about how refurnishing furniture could become a side project for us. 


Here are a few extra photos from around the new apartment. 

DIY Mason Jar Brush Holder

Our first house warming gift.

DIY Key Bowl.

I can definitely say that after moving 14 times in the past 4 years I am ready to stay put and enjoy my time at this new apartment.




  1. It turned out great! I have a dark stained wooden desk from Target that is prettttty boring, I am thinking about giving it a little makeover with some mellow-yellow paint soon myself :)
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  2. I love the night stand. It looks so great ^^ love your accessories collection too ^^


  3. Классная подставка под украшения и идея банки под кисти :)

  4. Hey girls!:) Thanks a lot for your comment and for following the blog.:) I really liked your blog as well and I'm following you(on gfc, bloglovin, twiiter and facebook).;)
    I wish I was talented enough to do those projects...I just suck at it. The apartment is really looking great.;)
    And ladies, I must say I love your hair. You're so lucky to be blesses with such a gorgeous color.
    Diana from http://thegirlwhocouldntbeafashionista.blogspot.ie/

    ps: Why bizarre is that my 3 newest followers are from Canada??? Ah ah!

  5. Oh, since my profile doesn't show my pic (got no idea why), I may not appear on top of your followers list, but at the end.:)
    Diana from http://thegirlwhocouldntbeafashionista.blogspot.ie/

  6. Great work!
    Lovely collection of accessories!
    Do you want to follow each other?
    If so, follow me and I will follow you back for sure!


  7. thanks for the inspiration :) i love the way you store your makeup brushes.

    amen fashion, xo

  8. Loving the vintage cabinets
    And your jewelry collection oh wow!
    S xx

  9. that little nightstand looks fantastic! i've always wanted to try something like that. about how long did it take all together?

  10. awesome decor job!! :)

  11. It looks nice! Love these cabinets, and photos ;)

  12. Great job ! I'm really into light furniture right now, so probably would have painted it white or something myself - but this outcome looks gorgeous ! ^^

    Indie by heart

  13. Amazing job! It looks really nice! :D
    Maybe you would like to join my Firmoo GA: http://deebiku.blogspot.ro/2012/12/international-firmoo-giveaway.html


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