DIY Envelope Clutch

DIY Envelope Clutch

If your sewing room resembles mine, it probably has boxes overflowing with fabric and little jars filled a variety of studs, beads and pearls all scattered about. Lately, I've been looking for quick projects to help me use some up of my supplies and get things organized. This DIY envelope clutch was the just the project! In less than an hour, I transformed some old scraps of fabric into a piece that I can use on a daily basis. If you're wondering what to do with your extra scraps of fabric, why not make a clutch?
Scroll down for the tutorial 

Jacket: Warehouse
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Scarf: Thrifted
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Primark



What You Will Need:
.5 meter lovely fabric of your choice
.5 meter of sturdy fabric (i.e. vinyl)
matching thread
sewing machine

Step One: Choose the fabric for the exterior. If you don't have any fabric at home, head to your local fabric store (hint: always check out the discount walls or bins first!). It's easy to walk into a fabric store and feel overwhelmed by all of the different prints and patterns. Before you go in, decide what you want your clutch to look like and what you will be using it for. This will minimize the amount of aimless wandering. Will it be a statement piece to brighten up neutral outfits? Or a glittery piece to match your New Years Eve dress? 

Step Two: Select a sturdy material for the base. I chose to use a heavy vinyl fabric but it depends if you prefer an envelope clutch that is slightly 'slouchy' or more rigid in shape. 

Step Three: Determine the size of the clutch. Measure the height and length of the clutch onto the vinyl. Double the height measurement as you will be folding this in half to create the base of the envelope. 

Step Four: Determine the centre of the clutch and create the envelope 'flap'. Now you have the base of your clutch and it should look like an open envelope. 

Step Five: Cut out this shape from your pretty, exterior fabric adding half an inch to the edges. Lay the vinyl on top of the pretty fabric and fold the fabric over the edges of the vinyl and pin, as shown. Make sure the exterior fabric is facing outwards!

Step Six: Sew around the edges. Sew carefully around the edges making the sure the gold fabric stays in place and isn't sliding around. 

Step Seven: Fold like an envelope and sew the sides together. Fold your clutch up then sew the sides directly together. 

Step Eight: Add a pretty clip or button to keep the flap closed. For my clutch, I chose a snap to create a seamless look... Buttons are also cute!

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  1. Lovely clutch, you are an artist!
    Just discovered your blog and follow you by GFC and Bloglovin! :))

  2. loved your comment. :) amazing diy! x

  3. wow you are an artist1 And the pics are lovely1 thanks for ur comments! now i follow u on gfc lets follow each other? giulia

  4. Beautiful clutch and "gorgeous" DIY!!!
    I'm your follower on GFC (328).

    Hope you'll do the same!

  5. Thanks for the great idea. Love your blog.



  6. I'm IN LOVE with that clutch! Can't believe you made it :-S

    Jo x amomentwithjo

  7. Such a great idea! Thanks for your comment on my blog, cake friday literally gets me through the week! I'm now following you and looking forward to more posts xx

  8. Wow! You did an amazing job on your clutch! I thought it was store bought! Love your casual chic outfit, biker leather jackets are awesome! Im following you now :)


  9. wow, you're so talented! love the DIY!

  10. Such a great outfit + that self made clutch! Amazing!


  11. I like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

  12. Love this DIY! It looks so simple, I'll def try it. And your leather jacket... kwjdnfef i want one too!

    Btw, thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog. I already follow you on GFC, hope you too! And if you want, we can follow each other on other platforms. Just let me know if you do through a comment or a post on my facebook page and I'll definitely follow you back!

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  13. What a great DIY, I love the print.


  14. That's cute - gorgeous fabric. I like the look of your cappuccino too!

  15. you're so nice & pretty<3 following you:)

  16. Such a beautiful idea...love it.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  17. Hello Darling!
    Your wallet envelope was divine.
    With you it lined? Cardboard? Because she stood firm and not falling.

    Kisses, and a great weekend.


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  18. Honestly, this clutch is just gorgeous. I can see this at a high fashion designer store, it's unbelievable that you made this,and in half hour! I can't sow, but my mom is a wizard at that stuff. So Im going to send this to her to make me a few clutches :) Thanks for continue to post your creative DIY ideas. Also, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?


  19. this is amazing! you should start selling them!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  20. You girls are seriously talented! What a stunning D.I.Y. clutch....and very easy to follow instructions too, amazing! x

  21. oh my goodness, I LOVE this clutch! Thank you so much for sharing!!


  22. wow! That's gorgeous!!
    Really fascinated with you blog, following you now!
    Do visit me at http://purple-rain-fashion.blogspot.in/ and follow back if you like it :)

  23. What a great idea! That turned out beautifully!

  24. Great idea! New follower here :-)

  25. that was amazing clutch ....:) and now i am following you ...^_^

  26. I absolutely LOVE this outfit, especially the clutch which i'll try to do it myself, you look amazing . Actually, this is the first time that i'm visiting your blog and it seems to be pretty awesome. I love your sense of style and ideas and how simply you explain and share them with us. Well, you have a new follower. I invite you to know my blog. I'd love to get your visit since i need views and followers. So if you can and have time please visit,I'd be grateful. Thank you in advance :)


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  27. GORGEOUS clutch!


  28. That's such a neat DIY. The Baroque pattern adds the perfect pop to a boring or casual outfit.

  29. WOWOWOW the result is WOW.
    Absolutely love it!

  30. Your envelope bag looks amazing, congratulations, I will recommend it for sure!
    Did you make any others?


  31. Wow! This is beautiful! I love it!


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