London; Greenwich + Liverpool FC

We floated down the Thames on a warm, sunny day from the London Eye all the way to Greenwich. I was determined to put a foot on either side of the world - one in both the eastern and western hemispheres. I spent far too long wandering around Greenwich Market eating caramel filled churros that by the time we finally made it up to the observatory, it had shut for the evening. We still took in the  lovely sunset from on top of the hill... And the churros were totally worth it!

A highlight was visiting Liverpool for a few precious days. The history and culture of the city was incredible. Living with the biggest Liverpool FC fan around for the past year, I've naturally become a fan myself. Diligently, we would set our alarms for 7am on the weekends and crawl out of bed to watch them play. We couldn't go to England without seeing a game. We scalped tickets from a dodgy character and after spending the day convinced we had been ripped off, we went to Anfield with our fingers crossed... The tickets were legit and we sat in The Kop! Later that evening we sang and danced the night away in The Cavern Club, where the Beatles first played. I didn't take my camera with me that evening, but I'll have the memories forever. 

Tank:Camden Market//Jacket: Warehouse//Pants:H&M



  1. Lovely shots of London, glad you had a great time in Liverpool- it's a great city.

  2. Love your shirt, it's really cute :)

  3. Thanks for the mini-vaca. Cool jacket and purple leggings.

  4. wow nice, a real football fan...My boyfriend is like the biggest fan of the team so has a dream to visit a game..not hard to accomplish but we never can manage to do it:D time is pressuring!

    anyways, thanks for visiting my blog, would you like to follow each other?


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