DIY Sequins Shorts

Ta Da! Here you go, my very own DIY sequin shorts. I really like the way these turned out and they were super easy to make. I made these using the same pattern that Carly used in her DIY Floral Shorts. Just click on the link if you  need a small reminder! 

What I ended up doing was sew a sequin pair of shorts, and then another smaller pair to wear underneath as the sequin material was a bit see through. I think I am going to experiment with these shorts again next time using a different color and a secret surprise! So keep your eyes posted for the sequel to these sequins!



PS. Do you like my moms garden? She has spent so much time on it I thought I should show it off a bit :)


  1. Beautiful shorts!!
    They look so comfy and well fitted!
    I did a sequin DIY collar too its on my blog:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  2. Love these, think I might attempt a pair in gold..
    Your mum's garden is beauitful! x

  3. OMG! Are they really a DIY? They are amazing!! You did it like a professional :)


  4. Amazing shorts. They look amazing paired w/a basic tank. xA


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